A payday advance is a confidential short term loan to get you by until your next paycheck. The money is electronically deposited into your account until the loan is due, in which it is debited on your payday.
While most people do a pretty good job of managing household budgets, there are times we need occasional help. An increasing number of consumers are using payday advances to cover unexpected expenses between paydays with a payday loan. An unsecured personal loan is a short-term financial management tool providing a cost effective alternative to costly bounced checks, late payment charges, or tarnished credit ratings.
No. Your binding promise to pay will serve as your collateral.
Once we receive all the information we have asked for, you may receive your funds instantly at a storefront location.
If all the information is complete and accurate, you should be contacted within 30 minutes after completion of your application, during normal business hours. Depending on the information provided additional information may be requested.
We will contact you with a loan offer. If denied, you will receive a denied letter by mail.
You can renew or extend your loan until your next pay date by just paying the finance charge. Your due dates are determined by the day(s) in which you are paid.
There are three payment options. 1. You may pay off your loan in full including the finance fee. 2. You may pay the finance fee plus some of the principle and extend your loan.
Yes you can, just call the Loan Hotline at 800-270-6258.
No you will never be charged an application fee.
You can qualify for up to $300 on your first loan. As you successfully pay off your loans, you may qualify for up to $500.
You are only eligible to receive one loan with us at a time.
At this time, we do not provide loans to military personnel due to new federal regulations that were recently enacted.
The Agreement is a contract that complies with all applicable state or federal requirements. It outlines the financial terms of the payday advance, including the cost of the service fee both as a dollar amount and as an annual percentage rate. It also contains an arbitration agreement and an ACH authorization.
The service fees on our loans may vary, the average fee is $18.00 per hundred dollars loaned.
Yes, you are able to pay off your loan early.
You may do what is also called an extension or renewal of a loan.
Most lenders do not conduct a credit check. Instead they rely on your steady job as your collateral.
YES! The website utilizes a 100% secure 128-bit SSL certificate for all input items. This means your information is secure and private.
If you have 5 or more active loans, we will be unable to assist you.
Since we are authorized to use the Federal Reserve Wire System, we must adhere to NACHA rules and regulations. The amount to be withdrawn from your account will be the amount that you authorized.
Contact us at the Loan Hotline, 1-800-270-6258 You will be charged an insufficient check charge in addition to your current balance. If we are not contacted, your account will be suspended until all monies are paid, and our collection process will begin.
  • You must be a resident of the state of Missouri.
  • Implications of non-payment If a payment is not made by a consumer, the consumer may be subject to a late fee, the loan being charged off, collection charges accruing, along with the loan being sent to collections.
  • Code of practice/policy on responsible lending The company follows the Online Lenders Alliance Best Practices, a copy of which are located at http://www.onlinelendersalliance.org/member.aspx.
  • Disclosure of fees including the annual percentage rate (APR) Please refer to the front page of this website.
  • Disclosure of renewal policy Consumer loans may be renewed at the consumer's option, but are not required to be renewed. The loan may be renewed by the payment of a fee of between $10 and $30 per $100 loaned. The renewal of the loan will move the due date of the loan to the consumer's next pay date. A consumer may also pay down the principal at any time.
  • Legitimate contact information/physical address The company address is located on the Contact Us page along with additional contact information.
  • Compliance with other state or local regulations related to short-term loans The company complies with all federal laws and laws associated with the state as required.